This site is your one resource center to all you need to know about and Rex Venture Group.  This site was designed shortly after the SEC started it's investigation of and the controversial closure of their doors.  We are here to provide a one stop source for all of your questions, news and updates about, Rex Venture Group, and anything that may relate to this industry.  We are in no way associated with or Rex Venture Group.  Our only involvement is that of an affiliate relationship.  We have a vested interest in knowing what is going on with the ongoing investigation of  Like many of you, our hard earned money that was put into Zeekrewards is no longer accessible and we want answers.  In order to provide those answers, we have subscribed to multiple email feeds, and we are constantly monitoring multiple websites including social networking sites.  As we monitor these resources, it is our goal to place all that we find in this centralized location for you to reference as you monitor the ongoing situation.  May we all come out on top is our prayer. God Bless!


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